Right _Justice _Freedom

After 20 years of struggle for the realization of democracy and democracy, once again Afghanistan and its people surrendered to the hands of the black dragon called Taliban due to the complicity of domestic and foreign actors.  which is now in its worst human rights situation. Violation of accepted standards of human rights by the Taliban group has severely affected all the people of Afghanistan, especially the women of the country.
 In addition to all kinds of mental and emotional violence, Afghan women are currently excluded from going to schools, government jobs, stadiums, entertainment places and all parts of society just because of their gender, and they are witnessing the violation of their human and human rights. Considering the concrete realities of the Afghan society and our understanding of the Taliban group, we ask the international community not to expect a change in the Taliban and an improvement in the human rights situation of Afghan women and girls.  Instead, by taking practical steps;  Force the Taliban to accept the human rights of Afghan women
   We, the members of the Purple Saturdays movement and protesting the misogynistic policies of the Taliban group, stand together with the slogan “right-justice-freedom” and by expressing our disgust with the Taliban, we once again ask the international community to: 
1. Exercising practical and more serious pressures, including blocking the assistance of the international community to respect human rights, especially women’s rights, against the Taliban.
2.  Establish serious and honest sanctions against the Taliban and their domestic and foreign lobbyists.
 3.  Stop supporting and keeping the Taliban in power and take practical steps to establish an inclusive and democratic government. I also ask all my dear compatriots and the international community to support the women of Afghanistan so that all anti-women orders and orders of the Taliban group against women are canceled and girls’ schools are reopened. The human rights of women should be respected and all brave and fighting women should be released from Taliban prisons.
 Demonstration Leader: Aisha, women’s and children’s rights activist.